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How much power does a Raspberry Pi Need?

TL:DR - Grab this power supply for your Raspberry Pi to make sure it gets enough power to operate correctly: AmazonBasics Dual Port USB Wall Charger - 2.1 Amp

I just sold by Raspberry Pi B+ (the original Pi) and I'm preparing to purchase a Raspberry Pi 3. The old Pi did a great job, but will now move on to its next life as an even more budget-friendly device for the next person.

In getting ready for the new Pi, I wanted to make sure I get the right power supply this time. My previous power supply was just a phone charger that only put out 1.5 amps. I found out that 1.5 amps was really the lower boundary for a smooth Raspberry Pi experience.

The Raspberry Pi organization recommends 1.8 amps for the Raspberry Pi 3:

So I'm planning on grabbing this power supply from Amazon: AmazonBasics Dual Port USB Wall Charger - 2.1 Amp. It outputs 2.1 amps so should cover my needs for the new Pi.