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Jasper, a Raspberry Pi-powered Jarvis

A couple of Princeton students have taken a Raspberry Pi and created a program that could be the predecessor to a full-blown Jarvis. The project pairs a microphone with a Raspberry Pi and their software to create a device that listens for "Jasper" and then reacts to what you say next. Pretty cool, huh?

The two students, Shubhro Saha and Charlie Marsh, even provide a guide on how to get Jasper up and running on your own Raspberry Pi: Jasper Documentation.

This looks like it could be the next step in my journey towards building a Jarvis a la Iron Man, so I'll likely be adding it to the things I do with my Raspberry Pi list. I think the text-to-speech voice/program they use for Jasper needs a little work, but otherwise this project seems pretty awesome. Maybe it can convince me to get that USB wireless adapter that I've been eyeing for my Raspberry Pi. Don't want to have to yell at Jasper from a different room...

I'll start setting it up on my Pi soon and document any hang ups along the way, so stay tuned!

You can check out the project page here: Jasper | Control everything with your voice.